STARGIRL Disney 2020 Involution

Trailer released 01/15/2020 15 Devil 01 Capricorn/Saturn 20/Judgement

Pom Poms = Vagina.

Trumpets 2020 Tarot

Back to the future. X 1? X 20 Blue, grace. Blue white sky = from source. green grass middle pillar

The quick edit from the trumpet to her is mind control.

The image of her is the tree of life. Red on her right, blue on her left. V INVOCATION. The background, fence to her left. All of it. Malkuth

Image result for zodiac body

Setting a tone for the age of Aquarius

End of Gas lighting New world has arrived
Daisy – symbol of new life looking for light
Malkuth 10
Purple Yellow YESOD Moon illuminated OCTAGON Gold
Sigil on back suggesting Highest Order. Top <> Open 9
M vortex founding yellow light
red circle sequins root chakra

Yesod Gray Moon 9
Geburah – Yesod

I’m doing my best to present a topology and not cut too many corners, please be kind
Him Hod Mercury / Her Mars / This guy Venus Netzach
Yesod bottom left. Jupiter 4 Fork Right (cup drinking from the sun)
Tipareth Sun Yellow Star Girl Beauty
Oooh, Yesod Moon boy is liking it!!
Now Chesed Jupiter Blue “You Like Star Girl!” Expanding Joy
Black Saturn Binah Understanding through looking glass of the abyss/knowledge “I don’t KNOW her” “but maybe if you did” understanding
and of course, MARCH 1/3 13 313 3 4 open Door
Back to the future
all colors together to get her

The rest, I leave up to you

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