Homeless Banker Equation 2023 U.S.A.

Bankers playing land rights games create debt backed by law enforcement trickling down to dividing families, when the family member closest to the bank is a fucktard. This creates “homeless people”; something that didn’t exist pre-WW2. Compounded with the quality of life of those with vs. without housing on bank owned property, we have a class of people whose lives do not matter to the status quo. The State’s solution: put them in prison. The bankers, with the government & greedy citizens equal an off the books debt enslavement, imprisonment & expendable .6 million people.

Factor in the surge of illegal imigrants, the disabled, the elderly, & the sexually unattractive, & the addicts who can’t afford their addictions, there is a growning population of people who have no access to basic needs. Institutionalizing these people so the hyper-active malcontents can run a mok creates an uncivilation based on fight or flight capitalism and facism. The economy is then fueled by a “fuck you” mentality. Free to be dumb, not freedom.



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