Discord Discordian, Jack The Ripper, Enochians, Astrology, Star Trek, Levee Breaks, FBI, Russia 23skidoo

UPDATE 04/14/23 https://apnews.com/article/leaked-documents-pentagon-justice-department-russia-war-5c2aca4dd971d8bc83d1260f1574f99f

Ty Robert Anton Wilson
Love those dick joke names! Durkin Merkin Dicker, Tucker & No man merchant
The antiprotagonist’s name is Cancer, the sign Mars inhabits at this story.
23 skidoo
1231 hut 1321 hut 1234
Fun with VOWELS vows to El Teixeira TXR TEXER TEX the lowest Enochian aethyr

Headline matches Star Trek episode released same day, a continuation of an episode from 1967




There are incredible amounts of data on these fandom links connecting pan dimensional entities, Enochians, and the current Astrology as of this post.

04/13/23 ● Aries is governed by MARS red/god of war

VOX vav is 6th hebrew letter. o 15 1+5=6 x 24 2+4=6 vox is 666

Film by Gene Roddenberry about Jack the Ripper-like murders starring JAMES DOOHAN who played Red Shirt Scotty who was possessed by the redjac Jack The Ripper entity

Sadly I am too lazy to do charts for all these elements to connect the dots.

& don’t forget this leads to a yellow submarine. Don’t blame me when you see who’s on board.


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