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I found my True Will some years ago and have been struggling to put my best into creating without money. Born August 19, 1980 in Palm Beach, Florida, the Sunshine State; father from Detroit, Michigan, mother from London, Ontario, Canada. Her father was a Shriner and International Banker for Wells Fargo (d. 1963). I put myself through about nine years of college with varying majors. I am educated in Cosmology; a Student of Kabballah, including from Bnei Baruch via Tel Aviv, Israel, and endless sources from around the world. I have no religious, political or other affiliations; nor do I have family or community to draw from. Unmarried, no children, focused on work but not a work-a-holic. My goals include a continuously updated web presense, that encourages self actualization and self empowerment with detailed, efficient, minimalist delivery; centeralizing around a website with no outside financial influence on content. Content will include bridging gaps between theologies and science to illustrate and demonstrate commonalities between worlds in common English. Data that holds relevance outside of time, along with meaningful, humorous, unapologetic insights into all relevant topics to a global community. MAiNSTREAMKiLLAZ dot com by Lleo Oneiro http://MAiNSTREAMkILLAZ.com #MSK #MAiNSTREAMKiLLAZ dot com No Ads • Non-affilliated E424 #MSK COSMOLOGY | VET WEAPONIZE WORDS | Lleo Oneiro Ph.q ∵ Huèmon 7.4 Counsoul | (blaqoq [illfigja TSiNtheisT]) doappope tRav.iS AL An DONAi(l)d 道 Aloha Nαmαsté ॐ नमः शिवाय God is Love السلام عليكم שָׁלוֹם audio metamorphosis is the completion of life 004 • ILLE DUEM DUES ILLUM VOCAT • HARU TZOM VOPSEI SHIGEK. LYN. HELATEDA. TZETALEDA. ZERO ZERO FOUR That is the growing tagline I’ve used for years. A brief explanation: Dao Aloha Namaste Assalamalaquim Shalom Om Namah Shivaya .. Universal Greetings. E424 is E/Will/Enochian 424 (& hebrew 528) gematria of my birth name Travis Alan Donald, which I was never fond of, turned out to be quite powerful. AL is the hebrew God EL. An the Goddess. Travis is latin for crossroads. Donald means world mighty. The Gods of the Crossroads of World Might. “Crossroads of the World” is the name of Times Square, New York City. This, coincidentally (HA!) is what I found myself drawn to in life. Trafficking information, a knowledge database. A news source. I have worked as a freelance writer for Broward Palm Beach New Times over the years, and even had an article https://www.browardpalmbeach.com/news/homeless-man-in-fort-lauderdale-prefers-to-be-called-a-street-ninja-6442222 published about myself by the paper’s editor regarding my views of life and ability to thrive in difficult times. I spent a little over six weeks writing for WSVN 7 in Miami, a FOX Affiliate. I wrote for the morning and noon news. I was promoted to evening and late night, also writing for the show Deco Drive. A great experience working with Emmy Award Winning Journalists on Live TV in a World City Market, but not for me. I have a keen insight and sharp mind for the truth and do not compromise what I produce for political correctness or whether or not it is good or bad. I keep a sense of humor in this crazy world and use it to exemplify how even the worst crimes of humanity are due to people being misled and how ultimately we must forgive because all negativity and maliciousness is someone not knowing what they’re doing. I do not focus on darkness, however I bring darkness to light for healing and overstanding. I am educated and experienced in how propaganda is made, why it is made, from Freud and Bernays, to today, the mainstream media can’t burp or fart without me knowing the source. I was born an raised in South Florida in a diverse environment of local and worldly people. It showed me no matter who you are or where you are from, whatever age, we are all human and have something to offer and not to take another for granted. I have spent years social networking and have contacts that go to the White House and the back alleys of India searching for truth, humanities best and exposing the worst. No fear attitude towards publishing. If I do not have solid information, I either do not post or say I do not know, what do you think; and this is all I have at the time. No ads. No paid stories. Only hard hitting, controversial and often offensive data. It is not possible to please everyone, nor should pleasing be the goal. Raw hot garbage and sweet sugar, when it comes around. I have been sharing my work on social networks and privately for years and struggling to get a site going, as it takes time, money and doing the best possible. The imagery, memes, language I use is unbound. I do not censor quotes, images, or say “f word”. Nor do I glamorize any negativity or violence. I am appalled by the crimes humanity can muster on a seemingly daily basis. Abuse, neglect.. unnecessary. Personally, I choose to live a minimalist, spiritual life. I eat primarily raw fruit and some vegetables. I am kind and a fool to all I meet. On good terms, without surrender, to all. I hold respect for other’s beliefs and cultures, and keep first my own. I am a life long student of Dao. I, like many, do not know where to go for plain and simple journalism anymore. No political slant. Not focusing on horror, or celebrity socialites. If I report on a “celebrity” it is to expose whatever propaganda they are shilling or, bring to light something out of the norm and something of value they’re doing. Otherwise, there are plenty of sites covering their every breath. It is my goal to create and maintain a source of uncompromising integrity. Fun, sexy, joyful. And pleasantly dark in humor, without hurting any one. “Punch up” as fighters and comedians say. Don’t pick on or attack someone who is down; lift them up. Go after the oppressors, tyrants, egos and humanize them. Put them on equivocal grounds. ty. tchüß

Update:09/09/2017A.D./6017A.L./2011E./4715 Rooster/5777 H.



道 Aloha Namas-te ॐनमः शिवाय GOD IS LOVE السلام عليكم שָׁלוֹם audio metamorphosis is the completion of life 004

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Great Speeches (you may not’v heard)

India: 40,000,000 million people fucked.

Floods devistate reigon . . .

— — – – — —

INFLATABLE CONCRETE!! Build a house in 24 hours!!!

=== == =

Do you realize. . every Weather image

seen on TV or online has been doctored?

— — –

What’s wrong with you?! Explain yourself

— — –

Kundalini newest Pop Craze!./20kye4qD

— — –

Money $ a scam! Life isn’t fair!

Take w/e you want & d.g.a.f.

— — –

Processed “Food” is made to kill you. All of it.

— — –



Human Beings are a Sexually Transmitted Disease. (HuemOns)


Indefinately Relevant Articles 8->

All ALL the technology to do everything & more exists, has existed, most likely before you were born

— — –


Why Everything Sucks, breaks down, needs replacing, doesn’t work, goes nowhere . . .

9/11 Explained Fully & in Brief.


“Race” does not exist in Humans. Biologically homosapiens are without race.

Purpose; meaning of Life.

Donald J. Trump

OCULUS V.R. 911 Enslavement Chronos

Virtual Reality & One World Trade Center Transportation Hub

Occulto Numero Ciphers

93 = 911. 1111 = 15. 0011 = 3. 1111 also= 33. 711 = 911.

09 11 01 WTC +

03 10 11 Fukushima

12 21 12 & Σ 666

— — – Common Occulto Associations

93 = Thelema

93 in Enochian = Pizza

M=13. B=13. 1,2,3 often interchangable

Redundant Characters

Remove 9’s

Add Up Number Sequences: 123=1+2+3=6

0-9, 10. Associate w/shape,#,color,Sephirot

(no photoshop)

How to contact Aliens

How to Overcome Jealousy

Spiritulity w/Science & w/o Religion

Ego & DNA are the same thing

Why discretion is wise when viewing porn Bible: Hebrew doesn’t translate into

English; the bi-bull is BuLLshit

Getting around Mainstream “Conspiracy Theorists”

who Omit Truths and use Truth to Lie

People Worthy of Vetting Religion: Born into Sin / siGn – Zodiac / sine co-sine

Time-Space Bound by Saturn & it’s Rings’ Spell

Prostitution; verb Action for pay

instead of pay for action.


Did you know: The TSA has NEVER captured ONE terrorist, not even led to the capture or arrest of even ONE Perception is reality Egregores, Tulpas, Servitors, currents in Collective Human Thought & Sub-Conscious Weaponized Calhoun Tubbs back from retirement ONE NIGHT ONLY!!! Green Screen Hell – Media Manufactures Mass

Did you knowthese mon it ers DO N OT m ake YELLOW?a primary color. & mix green & fucking RED t o ma ke ( )

Hidden in Plain Sight

We’re all being lied to more than we’ll ever know.

道 VelKommEn tU kLAUsTER F U C K ☤ ☥ ✠

Aloha Nαmαsɫé ॐ नमः शिवाय God is Love السلام عليكم audio_metamorphosis_004_completion_of_life

Eris, The Goddess.

Non-Profit Get the message out Graffiti art

א & Ω backstage pass to the 3Ring Circle Church Circus Jerk off all things. Check your celebrity at the door.

☾☾☾ ☾☽ ❂ ✡ ✩ ✧ ∆ ☯ + ✶ ✵ –

The bottomless pit of revelations. Any and all data to be processed by the 3RD EYE & Crown in these cluster fucker times.



“it’s amazing what you can accomplish if you don’t care who gets credit”

The wise suffer fools.

NO RULES. (this is not a rule)

Any topic allowed.

Nαɱαsɫé. ॐ. God is Love, show some tits & even if ya like me, Fuck you.

All positive. All dirty. AlLLTRA C OM B O !!!

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